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Davey Sand Filters

Davey has a wide range of sand filters. They are specifically made and designed to suit pool water filtration needs. Here are some of Davey’s models:

Crystal Clear sand filters are ideal for domestic pools and above ground swimming pools. They constructed of strong corrosion and UV resistant materials to ensure long life and lasting work performance. They are made to be reliable and efficient in ridding the pool water of sand and keeping the pool clean and healthy. They are made smaller to fit smaller spaces and built in to be strong with optimum filtration performance.

Davey Ecopure has simple backwash for cleaning filter media. They are also made to last longer by reinforcing fibre glass, strong corrosion and UV resistant. These filters also have large diameter tank for maximum filtration performance. The automatic air bleed feature prevents the buildup of air inside the tank for better filtration. They are high rate design for maximum efficiency that’s suitable for sand filtration.